How to Record Audio On Your Android Wear Smartwatch! [Wear Audio Recorder App]

Although Android Wear is kind of new, the amount of its apps are growing day after day.  Today’s app enables the watch owners to record audio using their Android Wear watches.  This comes in handy at times and can be used for various uses.



1. Install Wear Audio Recorder (Link).

2. The app will be installed to both your phone and the watch.

record audio on android wearrecord audio on android wear 2

3. Open the app on your watch.

4. A new screen will open up with a red button “Start Record”.  Simply tap on it to start recording.

record audio on android wear 3

5. The recording will start.

record audio on android wear 4

6. At the time of recording, it will be synced to your phone so that to listen to it later.

record audio on android wear 5

7. To stop recording you have to different ways:

A. Tap on “Pause” button at the center of the recording screen.  Then tap on the “True sign” button to sync the recorded audio with your phone.

record audio on android wear 6

B. If you swipe “Right” while recording, you’ll see that recording still goes on while on the watch’s main screen, from here, swipe UP  then swipe LEFT.   You’ll see a “STOP” button, simply tap on it to stop recording.

record audio on android wear 7

A message will appear informing you to listen to the recorded file via your phone or tablet.

record audio on android wear 8

8. The recorded files are located in Internal Storage > Recordings > Wear Audio Recorder.

record audio on android wear 9

The recorded files are in “.WAV” type, and for a watch, the recording quality is acceptable.


Additional Options

1. You can listen to the recorded files directly from the app on your phone.

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