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How To Use Android Wear Smartwatch as a Flashlight! [Flashlight App]

Android Wear watches have so many uses, one of them is the ability to use them as a flashlight! yes a flashlight! Right now, Android Wear watches don’t have a built in flash, but today we’re talking about another way of using your watch as a flashlight. This method uses your watch’s screen as a flashlight, by turning its display to the white and to the highest brightness.


How To Customize Android Wear Watch Faces!

Android Wear is just like the original Android OS that can be customized.  In this tutorial we will shows you 3 different ways to customize your watch faces so grab a cup of coffee and following along!


Not all watch faces are customizable, only some of them can be customized.


Method-1 (On Your Watch)

How To Take Screenshots on Android Wear!

Got an Android Wear smartwatch and want to know how to take screenshots?

If so, this is the tutorial is for you!


1. Enable bluetooth on your phone.

2. Open the Android Wear app.

3. Make sure your Android Wear watch screen is on.

3. Tap on 3-dot button at the top right corner of the screen and choose “Take wearable screenshot”.