How To Use Android Wear Smartwatch as a Flashlight! [Flashlight App]

Android Wear watches have so many uses, one of them is the ability to use them as a flashlight! yes a flashlight! Right now, Android Wear watches don’t have a built in flash, but today we’re talking about another way of using your watch as a flashlight. This method uses your watch’s screen as a flashlight, by turning its display to the white and to the highest brightness.


How to Send Scheduled Messages On You Samsung Galaxy Device!

One of the coolest(hidden) features of Samsung Galaxy devices is that they contain some hidden but useful features.  One of these useful features is the ability to send scheduled messages.  This is particularly useful especially when you need to send someone a specific message at a certain time and what’s more awesome is that it does not require you to install 3rd-party apps.  All you need to do is the following steps:


How To Remove System Apps From Your Android Phone/Tablet!

Android devices has two kind of apps, system apps and user apps.  System apps are the apps that can’t be uninstalled by default method and they consist of essential apps like Phone, Message, Browser, Camera, Gallery,etc…  While the mentioned system app are necessary, there are also some other system apps that are not useful (to all users), so some of you might like to remove those system apps that seems useless to your use.


How To Enable Double Tap To Wake Up on Sony Xperia Z Series!

LG was the first Android manufacturer that added the ability to wake up your device’s screen by double tapping on it, followed by HTC then Sony.  This is a really useful feature and we hope that all other Android manufacturers add it to their device.

In this tutorial I will show you the steps of enabling this feature on Xperia Z series devices.


How to Mirror Your Android Screen To PC! [Vysor]

There are few apps that let you share your Android device screen through PC, but today we have a new one that’s totally different from the others and it’s not even an Android app, instead it’s a Chrome app!

Important Note:

*As of 25-8-2015, this app is only one day old on its PUBLIC beta state, as mentioned by the developer, this app will be a PAID one once it leaves beta state. If you’re reading this tutorial while it’s still in beta state, enjoy it while it’s free!


How to Automatically Send Web Links From PC to Your Android Device! [Chrome to Phone App]

I always wanted to transfer web links from my PC to my Android device and continue reading/watching directly on my phone.  I am sure that I am not the only one who likes this idea but luckily we can do that using an app called, “Chrome to Phone”.

PC Steps:

1. Open Chrome Browser, tap on “Apps” button at the top left corner of the browser, then choose “Web Store”.