How To Use Do Not Disturb Mode On Samsung Galaxy Devices!

“Do Not Disturb Mode” is a mode that lets you control which type of notifications and alerts you want to get at specific times.   This feature was first named “Blocking Mode” but then changed  to “Do Not Disturb” starting from Android 5.0 and higher.

In this guide I will show you how to get most out of this awesome mode!


Enabling Do Not Disturb Mode:

To enable this mode, simply navigate to Settings > Sounds & Notifications > Do Not Disturb.

How to use do not disturb mode on samsung galaxy devices

Notice the mode’s icon at the top left corner of the status bar.

How to use do not disturb mode on samsung galaxy devices 2


Settings up Different Settings

Normally when you enable this mode it will mute all alarms, messages, and calls but you can add exceptions for the one you like to receive notification from.


Allow Exceptions

Tapping on “Allow exception” will open up another screen at which you can specify the ones you need.

How to use do not disturb mode on samsung galaxy devices 3

You can add the following to your exception list

1. Alarms.

2. Calls.

3 .Messages.

4. Reminders from S Planner app.

5. Apps notification.


For Calls and Messages you can specify the people you want to get messages or calls from (All, Contacts or favorite contacts).

How to use do not disturb mode on samsung galaxy devices 4


Blocking/Unblocking Apps Notification

You can also allow or disallow all apps from pushing notifications. All you need to do is to do 2 easy steps as shown below.

1. Tap on “Application Notification” and choose your app.

How to use do not disturb mode on samsung galaxy devices 5

2. A new screen will show up at which you can either block or allow the app to send notifications. Tap on “Set as Priority” to allow the app.

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3 Responses

  1. Frederick says:

    The “do not disturb” mode will block the TIMER’s alarm on S6 even when it is allowed as an exception. I did not have this problem with S5.

  2. Joe Castellon says:

    I found this mode useless to me.

    WhatsApp notifications would still show up randomly, even though it is not set as priority and I had no exceptions set.

    I completely loathe Android for this stupid heads up notifications. At least on Cyanogen OS you can disable it.

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      there is another way to remove this guy, Settings > Sound & Notification > App Notification
      Choose what’s up > then choose “BLOCK NOTIFICATION”. let me know if that works

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