How to Create Custom Boot Animation for AOSP ROMs! [Part 1]

A boot animation is the animation that appears when booting your Android smartphone/tablet.  This is two part guide.   In part 1, I will explain how you can create your own boot animation and in part 2, I will teach you how to change the original boot animation of your phone and replace it with yours or any other custom boot animations.


You must have a rooted phone/tablet.


This method ONLY works with AOSP roms and other roms that support “” type.  (What is AOSP?)

More About bootanimation

In AOSP roms, the location of bootanimation is in “\system\media\“.

Create Your Own Custom Bootanimation 1

Boot animation mainly consists of the following:

1. desc (text file)

2. Part0 (folder)

3. part1 (if any)

4. part2 (if any)

Create Your Own Custom Bootanimation 2

“Desc” is a text file that contains the following:

1.  Screen resolution of your phone (e.g.: 1080×1920, 480×800, etc..)

2. fps, frame per second of the animation.

3. Number of loops of the animation.

4. Loop delay of the animation in (milliseconds).


Example of desc.txt file (Galaxy S2)

Create Your Own Custom Bootanimation 3

And here’s what’s inside the part0 folder.

Create Your Own Custom Bootanimation 4

Steps For Creating Your Own Bootanimation:

1. Download Bootanimation Factory (link).

2. We then prepare the pictures that we want to appear in the boot screen by following the below steps:

My phone is Galaxy S2 which has the screen resolution of 480×800 pixels, which means that my pictures should have the same resolution which is 480×800 pixels. The resolution changes depending on the type of phone that you have.  For example for Galaxy S4, S5, and Note 3 we have 1080×1920.

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