How to Fix OnClicksAds Malware on Android! [DNS Changer App]

Recently on my trip to Thailand, I was connected to the WiFi of my mother-in-law’s house in Thailand.   Sometimes in random fashion when browsing the web on my Android smartphone, it would redirect me to then to a site telling me I have a virus on my Android.   Of course, as someone who is genuinely into fixing stuff like this, I digged deeper and found a solution.

First, I found out that whenever I was connected to regular 4G LTE, this did not happen.  It only happened when connected to a specific WiFi router.  Later I found out that internet routers that have not set passwords can be hacked by hackers to change the DNS to a reroute your internet traffic.  Hence, by changing back the DNS on my mother-in-law’s router back to Google’s “”, I was able to solve this problem.  And I’ve also changed the router’s default password to something more secure so it wouldn’t happen again.

Now, what if you did not know the password to router or you simply did not know how to change DNS on your router?  There’s an easy way to fix without fixing your router on your Android device by downloading “Dns Changer” app, which will change the default DNS servers on your Android device to Google’s “” and “”.    Simply install and run the app and you will no longer see OnClickAds on your Android device.

And for those of you wondering how this malware works, it’s actually not a malware but it uses a fake DNS server to route your internet traffic.  Since a DNS server basically resolves the IP address of websites you browse, sometimes it will redirect you to a bunch of ad sites automatically, which will make someone on the internet money everytime you click on those ads.  Now if you set your DNS on Android (or any device) manually back to Google’s DNS, they will no longer be able to redirect your device.

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