How to Turn Your Android Screen On/Off By Waving/Covering Your Hand Over It!

Generally most Android users will press power button for waking up their Android device.  Since we’re talking about Android, there are other different ways of waking up your Android device screen. In this tutorial I’ll be using “Wave Unlock” app for unlocking my Android device.  This app uses your device’s proximity sensor for unlocking it.  So the app won’t work if your device does not have a proximity sensor, you can test this easily by making a call then placing your phone on your ear.  If your phone’s screen turns off, then your device has a proximity sensor.


Unlocking Steps

1. Download Wave Unlock from the Play Store (Link).

2. The following screen will show up when opening the app for the first time.

Wave Unlock 1

– The app does not work on tablets as mentioned by the developer. (also as most tablets don’t have a proximity sensor)

3. To enable the app, press the “START” button.  The button will turn RED after enabling it.

You’re now ready to unlock your device’s screen by waving your hand over the screen (wave precisely over the proximity sensor).

Wave Unlock 2

Turning Off  Your Device’s Screen

The app can be also used to turn your device’s screen off simply by covering the proximity sensor for about one second.  This feature is not enabled by default.

Tap on the Gear icon.  Then go to Settings and enable “Cover sensor to lock screen” option.  You will then be asked to add the app as the device administrator in order to enable the feature.  Simply enable it and you’re ready to use it. To turn off the screen, cover the proximity sensor of your device for 1 second or more.

Wave Unlock 3

– There is one last thing that we suggest you to do which is making the app “Auto start on boot“.

Wave Unlock 4g


That’s pretty much it!  Now, be aware using your proximity sensor to turn your phone’s screen on/off may use slightly more battery life as the sensor must be on at all times.



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