How to Update Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925F) To Official Android 5.1.1 Lollipop!

Galaxy S6 Edge recently received the latest Android Version which is 5.1.1 Lollipop, this version includes various bug fixes, camera, calendar and calculator improvements.

This guide shows you how to update your phone to this latest version of Android.




1. This rom is intended ONLY for international variant of Galaxy s6 Edge with model number SM-G925F.  To find the model number of your phone, navigate to Settings > About Device > Model Number.

2. Make sure your phone’s battery is over %50.

3. Backup your contacts.

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4. Backup your apps

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5. Backup your messages.

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6. Move your pics and videos to PC.

7. We HIGHLY recommend you do ONE of the following before the update.

– Do a Nandroid backup of your phone (if possible).

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– Backup EFS Partition using one of the below 3 methods.

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8. Install Samsung driver on your PC (Download), or, just power off your phone, reboot into download mode and  connect it to the PC, then wait for the driver installation to finish.


Download the ROM Corresponding to the MODEL NUMBER of your phone. Be very careful not to download the wrong rom, as flashing it will brick your device and we will not be responsible for any damages that may occur on your device

1. ANDROID 5.1.1 (UK)

2. Odin 3.4


1. Extract Zip file of the rom using  Winrar.

2. You should get two files, one is the rom file starting with model number of your phone (G925F in this case), and another file by the name of ‘SS_DL.dll’.

3. Open Odin 3.4

Odin 0

4. Turn off Your phone.

5. Boot into Download Mode by doing the following steps


1. Turn off your phone.

2. Hold down  (Power Button + Home Button + Volume Down Button) at the same time.

3. The following screen will show up:

download mode 3

4. Press the “Volume Up” key to boot into Download Mode.

5. You’re now in Download Mode and it should look like this:

downlaod mode 2

6. Use the original cable to connect your phone to the PC.

7. Odin should recognize your phone and the right left tab of Odin should be changed to light blue color along with the message “ADDED” on the log tab of Odin.

Odin 2

8. If the light blue color didn’t appear on Odin, this means that your phone’s driver is not properly installed, re-install the drivers and continue to the  next step.

9. Choose PDA (or AP tab if you’re using Odin 3.9) tab.

Odin 3

10. New dialog box will show up.

Odin 4

11. Choose the ROM file that you extracted at Step 1.

12. Make Sure to tick “AUTO REBOOT” & F.RESET TIME.

Odin 5

13. DO NOT tick “Re-Partition”.

Odin 6

14. Click on start button to start the process.

Odin 7

15. The update process will start.

Odin 8

16. Wait until the process finishes.

Odin 9

17. Upon Successful update, a GREEN color appears at the left tab of Odin with the word “PASS”.   If you see this, then it means the process was successful.

Odin 10

18. If you see a RED color on the left side of Odin with word “FAIL” this means the updating process was not successful, pull out the phone battery and restart from step 5.

Congratulations! you phone is now on the latest Android Version. Enjoy Android Lollipop!


1. If your phone was previously on a STOCK (official) Samsung firmware, then after the successful updating process, your phone will boot to the system without the need to factory reset your phone or without facing a bootloop

2. If your phone was previously on a CUSTOM Firmware (Rom), then after successful updating process, your phone will not boot to System and will face bootloop. To solve this problem do the following steps.

(the following process is the same for almost all Samsung Android Products).


1. Turn off your phone.

2. Hold Down (Power Button + Home Button + Volume Up Button) at the same time.

Recovery Mode

3. Keep holding those 3 buttons until Samsung logo appears.

4. Let go of Power Button and keep holding down (Home Button & Power Button).

5. This is Recovery Mode .

Stock Recovery Galaxy Note 4

6. Volume up/down to move.

7. Power button to make selection.

6. Choose Option  4 in the list which is ” Wipe data/ factory reset ”.

7. Select it.

8. The following screen will show up.

Galaxy Note 4  Wipe Data Factory Reset

9. Choose ” Yes — Delete All user data”.

Galaxy Note 4 Factory Reset

10. The formatting process will start.

11. When finished, the phone will go back to the main recovery mode screen.

12. Select “Reboot now”.

13. Wait 3-4 minutes.

14.  Congratulations! your  Phone/Tablet is formatted and should boot flawlessly into system.

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