How To Use Android Wear Smartwatch as a Flashlight! [Flashlight App]

Android Wear watches have so many uses, one of them is the ability to use them as a flashlight! yes a flashlight! Right now, Android Wear watches don’t have a built in flash, but today we’re talking about another way of using your watch as a flashlight. This method uses your watch’s screen as a flashlight, by turning its display to the white and to the highest brightness.



1. Download Flashlight For Android Wear from playstore (Link).

2. Wake up your watch screen and swipe LEFT to open the launcher.

Use android Wear as a Flashlight

3. Scroll down to letter “F” until you find “Flashlight” app the one with the Yellow color.

Use android Wear as a Flashlight 2

4. Tap on the app name.

5. The app will directly change the screen’s brightness to highest and changes its color to white.

– You might underestimate this flashlight, but you’ll be surprised by the result especially if you’re using it in a REALLY dark place. I switched off everything in my room and below are the before and after pictures of the watch screen.

Use android Wear as a Flashlight 3 Use android Wear as a Flashlight 4 Use android Wear as a Flashlight 5 Use android Wear as a Flashlight 6

– I should say that this Flashlight is useful for very short ranges and not for long ranges, but it’s for sure useful while using it in dark locations!

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