How to Use SSH on Android!

If you are a webmaster like myself, you probably eat SSH for breakfast to login to your web server on a daily basis.  Although I use Chrome browser SSH app when I am on my laptop or desktop, there are times when I need immediate access to my servers straight from my Android smartphone.

Now for using SSH, I have used many different apps but the one I ended up using is the JuiceSSH app, available on the Play Store.

This is a free app and I really love it because of the easy-to-use interface and ability to save a bunch of connections and logins separately.

The best feature of this app is the shortcuts provided for keyboard keys that don’t exist on your Android keyboard such as tab key, escape key, etc…etc…

As an avid user of vi editor, the shortcuts make it possible to easily edit files as if I were using a real keyboard.   There’s also even cursor arrows to help you get around.

For the most experienced webmasters like myself who do everything using SSH (ahem FTP is for noobs), JuiceSSH makes it possible to manage my 20 dedicated servers spread throughout the world.

Best of all, this app is free and there are no ads.  Security is also top-notch.  The app encrypts itself when backed up using Titanium Backup app so others can’t steal your valuable passwords.

In fact, I just used JuiceSSH to change my server connection variables to allow more concurrent connections to this very website.  And yes, I typed this whole blog post my phone too.

Anyways, if you need to use SSH, definitely check out JuiceSSH, an excellent app.  And if you have used other SSH programs that you think are better, please share your thought below in the comment box, thanks!

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