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How To Replace The Galaxy S5 Charge Port Cover Flap


In the video above I show you step by step how to replace that little flap that covers your Galaxy S5 charge port. This seems to be a pretty common problem where after a while of use the rubber hinge that holds the flap onto the device becomes weak and the flap falls off. This can even happen with minimal use which can be pretty frustrating. Of course some of you were probably happy when the flap fell off since it can also tend to get in the way.

How To Fix Recents In Lollipop For Root Users!

Android does a pretty good job with multitasking, or at least the recents app was a pretty good way to multi-task prior to the Lollipop update. With Lollipop, you have not only open and running apps in your recents, you also have apps that have been opened (even if they aren’t running), and webpages that you have opened. This list continues to build and build until you eventually have a huge cluster of mess. The new recents tab is basically unusable.