TOP 35 HTC ONE M9/M9 Plus Tips And Tricks! - Page 2

Navigate to Settings > Fingerprint Scanner and check the “Home button” option.

How To Set up Fingerprint scannr on htc one m9 plus 6


Remember that this home button is little different from the one on other phones, the home button WON’T move back when you press it, which means that you should simply “Touch” it to do this function exactly as you do while unlocking it with your fingerprint.

3. Unlock Your Phone Without Waking up its Screen (M9 PLUS ONLY)

Remember One Plus 2 that was launched?  That one has a nice feature that enables you to unlock your phone and go directly to the home screen WITHOUT the need to first waking up the phone’s screen. Well, the same feature can be found on HTC One M9 Plus, which is really cool and let you rest the power button a little bit.

How To Set up Fingerprint scannr on htc one m9 plus 7

3. Customize Navigation Buttons

HTC phones do not rely on using physical buttons.   Instead, it uses capacitive buttons.  One of the cool features is that you can change and customize these buttons to your liking and even remove them or add new ones.


1. Navigate to Settings > Personalize >  Change Home Buttons.

How To Customize and Change Navigation Bar buttons on htc one m9 plus

2. A new screen will show up at which you have 3 other buttons to add including “Turn off screen”, “Auto Rotate”, and “Notifications”. Simply check ON any of these buttons to add them to the navigation bar buttons.  You can also uncheck the default three buttons if that’s your thing!

How To Customize and Change Navigation Bar buttons on htc one m9 plus

4. Change Accent Color Of The UI and The Launcher

The HTC launcher on this phone allows you to add wallpaper on the home screen but shows different background color on the app drawer which is blue.  The good news is that you can change the color and also change the color that shows up on the Settings options.

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14 Responses

  1. Arun says:

    Thanks was very helpful…I’m using m9+

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      any time man, Glad to hear that, M9 plus is a really really awesome phone and I think that it’s HTC’s best phone of 2015 besides HTC J Butterfly.

  2. madhan says:

    Awesome information guys. I love it 🙂

  3. Than Zaw says:

    Hello Mr. Haider, my m9+ battery drain so fast. I already tested by using code from phone calling buttons *#4323#* or some I don’t remember and tested the battery, it was good. Can you please help me how to wipe partition? Or other equivalent method to extend battery life. Thanks.

  4. Chintan says:

    I have htc one m9+… I am facing one problem with notifications… When I receive any notification…. My notifications sound alerts me every 5 seconds… I don’t want more notification … Help me fast..

  5. sohaib says:

    Thanks dude really helped me a lot on the navigation button thing.
    Btw do you know how to stop the update???it always seems to have system update even though ive already update

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      you’re welcome man!, yes there should be a checkbox in the software update tab, just uncheck it and that should stop annoying you from the software update notifications although I recommend getting such updates as they include security enhancements plus new features!

  6. Coke says:

    Unfortunately HTC M9+ if one of the worst phone ever build by HTC.
    I was an owner of the old and glorious M7, and this M9+ is fucking expensive and it’s a piece of CRAP.
    It has SERIOUS problem of OVERHEATING, so badly that if u enable wifi and gps and you are using some apps, you cannot almost keep the phone in your hands!!!
    The first phone they give to me, after take out from the box started a screen blinking like if it was interlaced resolution, and they immediately change it.
    The other one then, seems to “work” but then after 3/4 days the fingertip sensor, went KO, and it’s not working AT ALL, also as “home button”. So it’s not a problem of not recognizing the finger, but of the sensor itself.
    I tried everyting and, no way, the button still dead. Then at 20.000 feet altitude the button “wake up” again and worked for other some days before dead again.
    Connecting to the power charge, i discovered, helps the button to “wake up again” and start to work. but now the thirth or forth time it happens, neither put it on charge is working.

    Most probably it’s a software issue, but, man… WTF, neither HTC or the people who reviewed the phone check out all this small but important thing?! WTF only the resolution and the features “on the paper”, that we don’t give a shit since then the “test run” it’s completely different thing.

  7. Justlynn says:

    Last night an icon appeared on my phone. It’s rather hard to describe – it’s round but inside an a rectangle; inside the rectangle is what looks like a plus sight but the lines aren’t connected then above that is 2 sets of three dashes then above the rectangle itself looks like to upside down parentheses. When I touched the icon it completely froze my phone. I could not unlock it at all. I had to do a soft restart to get it working again.

    Any idea?

  8. mohamed says:

    great tips thanks man