How to Install TWRP Permanently After Installing a Custom ROM on Pixel or Pixel XL! - Page 2

For Linux:

cd Downloads
cd fastboot
chmod 755 *

For Pixel:
sudo ./fastboot-linux boot twrp-3.0.2-0-RC1-fastboot-sailfish.img

For Pixel XL:
sudo ./fastboot-linux boot twrp-3.0.2-0-RC1-fastboot-marlin.img

Step 4. This will boot you into TWRP recovery.  Try tapping on “Install” and if you see a bunch of crypted files and folders like shown below, you will need to format data.  If not, skip to Step 8.

Step 5. Next choose, Wipe->Format Data and type “yes” to format your data.  THIS WILL ERASE EVERYTHING ON YOUR PHONE!!!

Step 6. Once done, go back to Home menu then select Reboot->Bootloader which will boot you back into “fastboot” mode.  Connect your phone back to your computer.

Step 7. Repeat the last command in Step 3, which will boot you back into TWRP.

Step 8. Copy over the TWRP ZIP file to your phone then install it, which will install TWRP permanently.

Step 9. Go back to home menu then choose Reboot->Recovery to reboot into TWRP.

Step 10. You just learned how to install TWRP recovery permanently.  Now you can install a new custom ROM but make sure you install the TWRP ZIP file AFTER installing ROM and Gapps.

Step 11. Do Wipe->swipe to factory reset.

Step 12. Install ROM, Gapps, then TWRP ZIP file.

Step 13. Reboot and profit!

You should be able to now boot into TWRP so you don’t need to use your computer to re-install TWRP.



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