[Guide] How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Phones/Tablets

Sometimes you may need to factory reset your phone for any reason including a fresh re-install of new stock or custom ROM, or you just want to make a factory reset before selling your phone or returning for warranty.  Doing a factory reset in stock recovery ERASES EVERYTHING on your phone.  However, doing a factory reset in CWM or TWRP does not, it only erases your settings/apps.

This tutorial focuses on two different methods of doing this task of factory resetting your Phone.

Method 1 (From Recovery):


1. Turn off your phone.

2. Hold Down (Power Button + Home Button + Volume Up Button) at the same time.

Recovery Mode

3. Keep holding those 3 buttons until Samsung Logo Appears.

4. Let go of Power Button and keep holding down (Home Button & Power Button).

5. This is Recovery Mode .

Stock Recovery Galaxy Note 4

6. Volume up/down to move.

7. Power button to make selection.

6. Choose Option  4 in the list which is ” Wipe data/ factory reset ”.

7. Select it.

8. This Screen will show up.

Galaxy Note 4  Wipe Data Factory Reset

9. Choose ” Yes — Delete All user data”.

Galaxy Note 4 Factory Reset

10. the formatting process will start.

11. when finished, the phone will go back to the main recovery mode screen.

12. Select ” Reboot now”.

13. Wait 3-4 Minutes.

14.  Congratulations! your  Phone/Tablet is  formatted and should boot flawlessly.

Method 2:

1. Go To Settings > Backup & Reset.

backup and reset

2. Choose ” Factory data reset”.

factory data reset Galaxy Note 4

3. This screen will show up informing you about the type of data and contents that will be wiped.

Factory Data Reset Content Galaxy Note 4

4. Select ”Reset Device” to start the process.

Galaxy Note 4 Reset Device

5. Your phone/tablet will reboot.

6. Wait for 3-4 minutes and the phone/tablet should boot flawlessly.

As Always, Stay HIGH ON ANDROID!!

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