[Guide] How To Use Galaxy S6/S6 Edge As a TV Remote Control!

Samsung first introduced IR blaster feature in Galaxy S4 and thankfully this is a nice feature and also available on both Galaxy S6/S6 Edge.  The below guide will teach you how to use your Galaxy S6/S6 Edge as a TV remote control, so let’s get started!


1. Open Smart Remote app, then tap on Start button and choose your country.

Galaxy S6 S6 Edge TV Remote Control

2. Select TV as your device type, choose your TV brand, and tap on next button.

Galaxy S6 S6 Edge TV Remote Control 2

3. Point your phone toward the TV and tap the red circle button.  The second screen will show up asking you whether the TV is turned ON or not.   If yes, then choose “Yes” and if no then choose “No” to try the next button.

Galaxy S6 S6 Edge TV Remote Control 3

4. This is the main UI of the TV Remote control.

Galaxy S6 S6 Edge TV Remote Control 4

5. You can show the remote control on notification panel and lock screen simply by tapping on the button located at top right corner of the screen.

Galaxy S6 S6 Edge TV Remote Control 5

That’s pretty much it guys!  Don’t forget to share the tutorial with your friends.

44 Responses

  1. mohammad says:

    hi.when I open the remote control app it shows update.what is that?

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      the app might need to be updated, give it the update and wait until it finishes up, then start the setup process for the remote control.

      • Hamed says:

        I tried to update many times it just said downloading and nothing happens.

        • Rawand Haidar says:

          I suggest doing the following
          1. Go to Settings > Application Manager > All > Smart Remote > CLEAR DATA
          then try to open the app again and let it update if it asks for it.

  2. Sadaf says:

    My country is not coming up on the list?

  3. amandeep says:

    does it have to be a samsung tv? or can it be any type of tv?

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Not at All! it works with MOST TV BRANDS. you can search for your TV by typing the Brand name.

  4. Alex says:

    I have Andersson TV does it also support that?, and I couldnt find the app on my Samsung S6, why?

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      yes Sure, it supports Andersson TV, the app should be there, look for it , it has a yellow icon, look inside folders in app drawer, it may be inside one of the folders as in our tutorial (Tools Folder).

  5. Kathy says:

    Does anyone know if the tv remote is the sane one as the s4

  6. Kamal says:

    Will the app support Lloyd TV?

  7. Eric says:

    I just got the s6 edge + and I down loaded peal remote. However it doesn’t seem to work.. I also don’t think the beam works on the phone ?? How do I know if it’s working correctly

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Unfortunately you can’t use S6 Edge+ or Note 5 as a remote control because Samsung has REMOVED the IR Blaster at the top side of the phone.

  8. Fernando says:

    Yo tengo dos televisores uno admiral y otro hitachi y en ninguno de los dos me funciona

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Try DIFFERENT CODES, tap on BUTTON1, BUTTON2, BUTTON3, till it works with your TV. it SHOULD work.

  9. Rose says:

    Hi! I have smart remote in samsung s5 and works perfect. Now I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus, and the application don’t works. I tried to program the Same tvs, and any code works. Please help.

  10. Rose says:

    Hi! I have smart remote in my Samsung Galaxy S5 and works perfect. But now I have Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus +. And when I tried to program the Same tvs and equipment the codes don’t works. I don’t understand, with the Galaxy S5 I programed everything fast and easy, don’t know what happened now with Galaxy S6 edge plus +. Please help.

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Hi, unfortunately Samsung has removed the IR BLASTER feature on both Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus so you CAN’T use it as a TV remote control using THAT WAY, but you CAN use it as a TV remote control through using WIFI and that’s by installing REMOTE CONTROL apps from playstore, but both your TV and phone should be connect to the internet.

  11. Priscilla says:

    I have the app and tried setting it up but its not working on any of my tvs or cable boxes. I had a a note 3 previously and i used the app all the time. Its almost like the 6 edge+ is defective….any suggestions?

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Nope, your S6 Edge Plus is not defective, it’s just Samsung has removed the IR BLASTER feature from it. The only way you can control your TV with it is by using WiFi Based apps that can be found on playstore.

  12. Gerrod says:

    Why did they remove the ir blaster from the edge + ? Lame.

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      because putting an IR Blaster feature is too main stream!!! yeah too bad they removed it. it was really useful one, but you can still control your TV using third party apps that uses Wi-Fi for controlling your (Smart) TV.

  13. saqlain says:

    i have samsung s6 and its not work on Orient LED model 6530
    i chose other country region but its not work can you help me

  14. Pontus says:

    It not havet a text-tv funktion?

  15. KELSIE says:

    Ugh. I’m still within my return limit for the S6 edge+, I’m actually considering returning it because of this feature being removed. It comes in handy with small children (and their love for making all my electronics disappear)

    I haven’t found a WiFi app yet that isn’t a total piece of crap.

  16. Sarur says:

    it does not work with my tv i have JVC 55 3d Fhd Smart Led Tv(lt55n900).

  17. Sang says:

    Can I use my s6 edge to remote operate bose wave radio and cd player?

  18. Ivano says:

    Hi, does it work only with wifi conection? thanks is working now, but maybe when mi wifi is off, I will use my regular control =(

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Hi, No it does not need Wi-Fi connection, it needs it only ONCE and that’s when you choose your TV type and tap on the buttons to power off/on the tv, after that it does not require active internet connection!

  19. Daan says:

    heey guys,

    I’m getting a Samsung Galaxy S6 in a few months but I was wondering if it works in the Netherlands..
    I have a Panasonic tv with ”Ziggo” as my provider for cable tv, but I don’t know if it’s possible. (don’t know the code I have to typ in as well) Please help?

  20. gia says:

    I set up everything , the volume works but changing chanel dose not… how can i get that to work ?

  21. samuel says:

    ask for samsung to reput that ir blaster in samsung edge plus be cause us who have it we need to use those remotes!

  22. Walt says:

    This is really bad.Im paying $750 cor a phone with less tfeatures than the old one!!S6 edges is a rip Off.Spread tbe word!!!!!!It was all gor makketing

  23. Walt says:

    S6 edge plus….I cant even screem from my phone using a mhl cord….

  24. Niomah says:

    Hi i have a st edge+ and it didn’t come with the peel app on my st did but that’s not mine now it’s my partners, but for some reason I can’t Evan find peel smart remote on my edge+ do any of you know why and what I can use instead????

  25. Savitoz dhillon says:

    I’m using s6 edge from India and I can’t download peel app

  26. francis says:

    did any apps on playstore work on remote tv on s6 edge plus

  27. Abdul Wasay says:

    it does not have the brand i want

  28. Binay Gupta says:

    How could i use it for AC

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