How to FIx ODIN Failing at hidden.img While Flashing Stock Firmware on Samsung Android!

If your ODIN is failing to flash or stuck while flashing hidden.img while flashing stock firmware on your Samsung Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge, or any other Samsung device, there is a SIMPLE solution.

Usually this is from flash the CSC of HOME_CSC files, which are really required to flash unless you are changing the CSC of your device.  To easily fix, reflash just the BP, AP, and CP files separately.  Now, not flashing CSC or HOME_CSC files will usually ERASE EVERYTHING ON YOUR DEVICE.  If you absolutely need to flash HOME_CSC, you can use 7zip to extract the files from the HOME_CSC tar file(or tar.md5), then flash the image file separately (by re-compressing the image files in “.tar” format using 7zip).  The method is nearly identical to extracting stock recovery(except you are extracting hidden.img instead recovery.img), so refer to How to Extract Stock Recovery from Samsung Firmware if you need to still flash CSC file.

The easiest solution here would be simply skipping the CSC files as it is not required unless you are changing your CSC value of the Samsung device.

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