How to Fix ODIN stuck on sboot.bin.lz4!

For those of you having trouble flashing stock firmwares on latest Oreo firmwares with Samsung Galaxy smartphones(most likely with newer Galaxy S8, S8 plus, Note 8, S9, and S9 Plus) and getting stuck at “sboot.bin.lz4”, this is most likely caused by using ODIN version older than v3.13.1.  Samsung is using new lz4 compression on firmwares which means older ODIN are not able to decompress the files before flashing to your phone.

How to fix this error?  Simply use the latest ODIN v3.13.1 or HIGHER, you can download v3.13.1 below:

Download ODIN v3.13.1

If you are still using an older version of ODIN, please update to the latest v3.13.1.  This version of ODIN is also fully backward-compatible with older versions of ODIN, meaning you will be able to use it fine on all older Samsung devices.

What is ODIN?

ODIN is a tool for Samsung devices like the Galaxy S9, S8, S7, etc…etc…  ODIN is used for flashing stock firmware and you may get the LZ4 error because LZ4 is a new compression method and is not supported on older devices.  Now, if you didn’t know this, this is because Samsung does not announce changes to the ODIN program and no changelog is provided.

Please be careful to not download ODIN from unreputable/new Android sites as they may contain malware. has been dedicated to helping Android users since 2011 when Google Nexus One was launched.

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