How To Use Menu Button On Galaxy Note 5!

The article title might sound weird a little bit, but many Galaxy Note 5 users have found themselves a little problem in finding the “Menu button”.

As we all know, Samsung has changed the way the “left button” works on Galaxy S5, they replaced its (primary) function from “menu button” to the “recent apps button”. They did the same on Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, Note4/Note Edge, but on all those phones you could still use the left button as a “Menu button” by tapping and holding on the same left button, unfortunately that’s not the case on Note 5, in this super short and easy guide we’ll show you how to do that on your Note 5.

Basically to use Menu button on your Galaxy Note 5 you need to tap and Hold on the BACK (Right) button and that’s it!

How To Use Menu Button on Galaxy Note 5


Samsung has basically replaced left button’s (Secondary) function by the back (right) button’s (Secondary) function.

Each button has two functions, the primary one can be activated by Tapping on the button while the secondary function can be activated by Tapping and Holding on that specific button.

Left button primary function = Recent apps button.

Left button’s secondary function = Multiwindow feature.

Right button’s primary function = Back button.

Right button’s secondary function = Menu button

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