Top 33 Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 Edge Tips And Tricks!

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are one of the best Android smartphones of 2015 and the best that Samsung have ever made.  This article gives you the top 33 tips and tricks of S6 and S6 Edge.

– As previous Samsung phones, there are two different ways of taking screenshots.

1. Hold down (power button + home button) at the same time.

Galaxy s6 edge taking screenshots

2. Swipe the edge of your hand across the screen from side-to-side to take screenshots.

Settings > Motions and gestures > Palm swipe to capture.

Galaxy s6 edge taking screenshots 2

Settings > Lock screen and security > Security > Fingerprints

Samsung first introduced this service in Galaxy S5, it was not the best, swiping through the home button to unlock the phone was certainly not the best way to unlock the phone.  Thankfully, Samsung has fixed those issues and introduced a whole new way of unlocking your phone by simply putting your finger on the home button with NO SWIPE!

Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge fingerprint scanner can do the following:

1. Web sign-in.

2. Verify Samsung account.

Galaxy S6 Edge Fingerprints 2

Registering fingerprint

You can register up to 4 fingers, and the process is fairly simple.  All you have to do is to go to Settings > Fingerprints and tap on ‘Add Fingerprints’, a new screen will show up giving you info about registering your fingerprints by simply placing your finger on the home button and lifting it off until the process is done.  Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge fingerprint scanner is ridiculously fast and it took no effort at all to unlock the phone.

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175 Responses

  1. Stephan Ham says:

    My S6 Edge does not mute if you turn it over , although the mute setting is on ON
    What can be wrong ?

  2. Tron says:

    How do we lock the call screen while on a call so your face don’t touch the screen

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      I don’t think you can do that as of right now such feature is not yet available. but it’s available for The video player app.

    • Justin says:

      It does it by itself. No need to turn on. Can’t turn off.

  3. joey stec says:

    thank you for all the info… I have a small problem and can not find a simple bit of information when i am using voice command on my Samsung s 6 at times it tells me that the number which I am requesting to call is not in my contacts… this is disappointing and I can not seem to get an answer from all your on line information please advise asap before i return to the I Phone… I love your fone however support is questionable…


    Joey Stec

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      There seems to be two different way for placing a phone call using S Voice, Example
      1. Call “John”
      2. Call “123456”

      Note: “John” should be in your contacts list
      Note: S Voice may not clearly recognize the contacts name if they’re not in English (as in our case) but it gets it close and suggests similar ones.

      Hope above tips help you solve your issue bro.

  4. sappjee says:

    Great summary of features of S6 edge. I learnt few new features.
    Is the phone missing basic feature to disable sound notification while connected to headphones listening music? hope there are some tips or hacks.

  5. SKH says:

    Question….when I unlock my Edge it always opens to the keypad. This is obviously be default. Any way this can be changed so that when I unlock it opens to home screen?


    • Rawand Haidar says:

      do you use any type of locking methods like Password, Pin and others? and can you send us the screenshot of the keypad ?

  6. Mercedes says:

    How I can write on my pictures! I have a samsung galaxy S6 edge

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      all you have to do is to open the picture you want to write on, and then tap on the top right button and choose “STUDIO”, or you can just open the picture, and then tap on it once until you see list of icons at the top of the screen, you then choose the icon with pencil and a portrait. both options will take you to photo studio where you can add tons of things like writings, borders, effects, etc. let me know about the result.

      • Bipin says:

        There is a motion on the top left of my s6 edge. .. whenever something covers it ….a small screen pops out displaying time , weather and date

        • Rawand Haidar says:

          there are two types of wakeup
          1. wakeup of the Edge screen which shows weather, time and other info.
          2. wake up of the screen which is called GESTURE WAKE UP it’s in Settings > Accessibility > Dexterity and interaction > Gesture Wake up, (what it does is that whenever you cover the phone’s screen (precisely its Proximity Sensor, it will wakup the phone).

          But I am not sure if that what makes your phone wake up or not. there was a similar feature that was first introduced on Galaxy S4 which was called “Quick Glance” but I don’t think that it exists on S6/S6 Edge. let me know about the result of your problem.

          • Bruce Banner says:

            I have been looking EVERYWHERE to see how to turn on my proximity sensor. For whatever reason, the one on my GS7 Edge had turned off. I might have inadvertently turned it off while playing with the settings – I don’t know.

            This is yoooge. Thanks.

      • David says:

        I am still unable to actively edit,an photography, or screen shots. This was a default feature on my Galaxy 4. Is there a way to ready enable it in the updated version

        • Rawand Haidar says:

          when you take screenshots, open it and then tap on it once, there is a rectangular button at top of the screen, tap on it and then you can add any effects to your photo or screenshots, from drawing to other awesome effects.

  7. Bipin says:

    How to switch it off…

  8. Chris says:

    Hi can u please help? Ive beem playing around with my new edge phone and done sominh to the active display and colour of it. It change yo all weird looking colours likr sycodelic looking amd mot normal. Its horrible and i dont know hiw to change it back to normal in my settings? Could you please help?! Thanks Chris

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Hi Chris, there are few features that can change the displaying color of your phone.
      1. Settings > Display > Screen Mode (Choose “Adaptive Display”).
      if that does not solve your problem then,
      2. navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Vision > Negative Colors (DISABLE this if it’s enabled).
      if your problem is not solved, please send me a screenshot or a picture of your phone so that to help you solve the issue.

  9. Gbenga says:

    Thanks for this great write up . Please i will like to know if i can access my facebook pictures with the photo app because i normally do that with my Note 4.. Can i do that on Samsung S6 edge?

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Thanks for your comment Gbenga, Samsung didn’t change the previous settings for their newest phones, so you should be able to do that exactly as you did on your Galaxy Note 4.

  10. kcyong33 says:

    how to stop the s6 edge fr waking up by notifications?
    I’ve various smartphone but s6 is the only one which wakes up in my pocket when i get a notification It drains battery & launch apps unknowingly.

  11. Shanno says:

    Hi, I’m not able to wake up the edge part of the screen, I’m following the directions in settings and it’s not waking up or showing me anything on the actual edge of the phone.

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Hi shanno, you have to “QUICKLY SWIPE” on the edge from one side to another, then that will show up Clock and other enabled Tiles.

  12. Andy says:

    Hi, is there a way you could save number from your call log, or update it to your existing contact?I could usually click and hold till the menu for saving the number come out with the previous galaxy. The new one just let you tick it and with the option of just deleting the number from the call log. The only way i know is trying to call the number back and end it, then it’ll have those options. I’m wondering if there’s a more normal way.

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Hi Andy, of course yes, and it’s really easy, all you have to do is to TAP on the unsaved number in the Call Log, it will take you to another screen at which your option of either “CREATE CONTACT” & “UPDATE EXISTING”، there you can either update an existing contact or create a new one with that unsaved number. let me know if it works for you .

      • Andy says:

        yes it works, thank you very much, now i feel very stupid lol. thanks again.

        • Rawand Haidar says:

          any time brother ;), you’re not alone, Same happened to me when I bought my Note 4. glad it worked for you.

  13. Dawn says:

    My s6 does not have the studio option in the gallery? I had it on my s5 but can’t seem to locate it on my s6 i tap the dots on rhe upper right hand side but there’s no studio option

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      My guess is that “Studio” option does NOT always appear inside Gallery app, do one of the following:
      1. open Gallery
      2. don’t open any photos or videos
      3. tap on the 3-dot button and there should be “Studio” button there.
      4. if it’s not there, go to “Galaxy Apps” and search for “Photo Studio”, hope that solves your issue,
      Let me know about the result

  14. Mario says:

    My contacts won’t stay in the Edge of the S6 with their pic. They disappear appear a few minutes. They’re okay without the pic but otherwise not. Any thoughts? Thanks

  15. Tiffany says:

    Can someone please help me, I just got the new galaxy 6 (active ). I had galaxy 5s and on that phone when I got incoming calling it would tell me the name if it was in my contact or tell me the number. I can not find anything in this phone to get me to get it,and I really really like it!!”

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      ‌Hi Tiffany, that’s really strange, that’s one of the basic features that MOST nowadays phones will support and have, are you sure that your phone does not show the incoming number?? can you send us a screenshot so that we can help you further

    • Andy says:

      Tiffany, I know what you mean the S4 would read out who is calling or the number, likewise when you received a text. But there doesn’t seem to be this function on the S6. Unless someone could advise if it is possible to have voice alerts?

  16. vijay says:

    Hi just wanted to know if I could disable the camera from the lock screen on Samsung Galaxy s6 as it keeps coming on when my phone is in my pocket

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      HI, Sure, Navigate to “Settings > Lock Screen > Camera Shortcut” and UN-TICK the “Camera Shortcut”.

  17. Mynie says:

    How do I stop the Hand free opening on my S6 even though it “Off”on the setup?

  18. Vuyani says:

    How do I change S voice wake up command?

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      That’s easy, following the following

      1. open S Voice app.
      2. Tap on 3-dot button to go to Settings.
      3. A new screen will open up, Choose “Voice wake-up”.
      4. A new screen will open up.
      5. On the new screen tap on “Set Wake-up command” to set up your NEW Wake up command for the S Voice.
      6. Follow the instruction for setting up the new Wake up command and you’re done.

      Hope that helps. Let me know how it goes.

  19. Dragon says:

    I am using galaxy s4 but just got this samsung galaxy s6 edge and the screen control seems not to be working. . My s4 video will pause when I take my eyes off phone .can my s6 do the same and if yes how can I set that. .thanks

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      No, Samsung has removed “Smart Screen” features since Galaxy Note 4, and that includes the “Smart Pause” feature that you mentioned. It was a useful feature, it’s sad that Samsung removed it.

  20. Lisa says:

    I love my S6 Edge but two things, first I read that I should be able to just press hold my finger on the home key to unlock while using the fingerprint unlock but my phone requires my to swipe to wake it up then hold my finger on the scanner. Can I fix it? Then my phone doesn’t have Smart Manager and I can’t find it in either app store.

  21. Brooke says:

    I have the galaxy s6 and i use the s health app and my friend has the galaxy S5 and she also uses the app but hers let’s her display the pedometer on her lock screen. Am I able to do that on the s6 or is that just on the s5?

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      This features works on all Samsung devices with S Health app, once you input your info (name, weight, height, etc), and start your activity, it will show it up. mine was showing up on the lock screen even when I was inside a Bus!!! make sure to do the these steps and it should show up on the lock screen. let me know how it goes.

  22. Ty says:

    I had a galaxy s4 and it had the little tab on the side and it opened and it was like a tray with a few apps in it. I don’t mean the multi window where ya have two apps on screen at once. It was like a side window with some apps in it. Does the s6 not have this?

  23. Amanda kho says:


    Some of my photos in my gallery folder are transfer from my previous phone.
    When I’m at the photo I wanted to open with another app, I can’t seems to do it. Any advise?

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      you need to install ANOTHER photo editing or photo viewer apps in order to be able to open gallery pics using those apps.

  24. Vickie says:

    I’m unable to make video calls, the options I get are call and message. Samsung say it’s a provider issue and vodafone say that I need to enable advanced call settings. I can’t find advanced call settings even by doing a search via settings…. are you able to advise please?

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      HI Vickie, Video Calling feature is turned on by default, all you need to do is to
      1. Open “Phone” app.
      2. Dial the number you want to call.
      3. Tap on the video Call button at the “Bottom left corner of the dial pad” and that should place the video call for you. Let me know if that helps.

      • Vickie says:

        Thanks for your reply, unfortunately that doesn’t help because I don’t have the video call icon/button…..

        • Rawand Haidar says:

          That’s really strange, this leads me to think that your carrier has modified the ROM on your phone, they may have disabled or removed that feature. Because by default all Samsung phones contain the Video Call feature as it’s a pretty basic feature to have on any today phones.

  25. amber says:

    I’m looking to change the color of certain people’s text bubbles. I found how to change the bubble just not the color. My friend who has the 6 does it but my edge I can’t find it.

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      That’s easy and explained in Tip No.9. you must navigate to “Settings > Edge Screen > People Edge > My People
      and from there you got FIVE contacts to add with FIVE DIFFERENT COLORS (Blue, Green, Light Orange, Dark Orange and Purple). Let me know if that works for you!

      • Shane says:

        The text bubbles themselves have been reversed from previous Galaxy models very off putting is there any way to change them back?

  26. celeste says:

    My play store isn’t working on my s6 edge when I go on to opens and then close straight away

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Navigate to Setting > Application Manager > ALL > Google Playstore. a new screen will show up, tap on “CLEAR DATA” and then choose YES. Reboot your phone and open Play Store app. Let me know if that solves your issue.

  27. Julie says:

    I have transferred my contacts from s4 to s6 and when someone calls or messages me it comes up with a number nor the callers name. How can I change this

  28. ishrat says:

    Hi there, i got an s6 edge and trying to put a am album in the private mode, i was able to understnd how ts done but got a slight problem, unfortunately the pin i had put t aftr the set up,does not want to be accepted, not sure y it does that. I dont knw if i am putting in the rong pin or t jst ds not want 2 accpt it. Is there anyway i can try and reset my private mode pin without putting in my old password ?

  29. Bushra says:

    Hi I have got Galaxy s6 edge last week but a message pop up all the time unauthorised activity detected. How could I get rid of that. Thanks

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Hey Bushra, Congrats for buying the phone. Well, there is a Security App inside Galaxy S6 RESPONSIBLE for that message that pops up so often on your phone. the app name is “KNOX” which can be used to protect your phone from suspicious activity, this message has two reasons:
      1. you either installed an app that may be able to modify the phone’s kernel (which’s why KNOX tries to PREVENT it from doing that).
      2. of you modified some system files.

      I have to solutions for you. do the first, then second (if the first didn’t work)

      1. Navigate to “Settings > Application Manager > All > and DISABLE every single app that contains “KNOX NAME”, open them one by one and then choose “DISABLE” + “CLEAR DATA”. After that Reboot your phone and make sure whether the problem still exists or not?

      2. Root your phone using SuperSU, and REMOVE the app manually, this one is kind of advanced, and requires some work from your side. anyways, I hope the first one works for you. Let me know how it goes!

  30. Arslaan says:

    Hello Sir. I’m facing a problem with my s6 edge. It is that I’m not able to customize water effect option. It has just turned grey. It happened after I changed my security to fingerprint or some else. But when I turned it back to swipe, after that it is unable to use. Please help ! Regards…..

  31. Christina says:

    It doesn’t tell me how to enable kids mode on my galaxy 6 edge please help

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      That’s really easy. Tap on “Home Button” then tap and HOLD the Recent apps button (Left button), and choose “Widgets”. and Search for the “Kids Mode” icon, which is a Crocodile one. hope that helps. let me know if it works!

  32. Clayton says:

    I seem to remember that I could swipe across from the bottom right hand corner of my S6 and a corner page would open showing recently used apps etc. This seems to have disappeared with the last upgrade. Can anyone confirm?


    • Rawand Haidar says:

      I don’t remember having that feature on this phone, can you tell me the feature Name? as far as I can tell, the only button to show recent apps screen is the “Left Button” which is beside the “Physical Home Button”.

      • Clayton says:

        Hi, it wasn’t a button feature, but rather a ‘swipe’ that you did from the bottom right hand corner of the screen. It was weird and I only found it by accident. The effect was like just turning the corner of a page over. It showed you various groups of apps. Cant recreate it now since my upgrade. I’m beginning to think I imagined it lol. Thanks

        • Rawand Haidar says:

          did you Factory Reset your phone after the upgrade?? or did you uninstall any apps. I don’t think that there’s such a feature on S6/S6 Edge, it may be an app like “Omni Swipe” at which you can swipe from both bottom corners to show “Toggle, Apps, Favorite”, here’s the Link of the app in case you want to install it.

        • David says:

          It happened to me too. How do I find this feature? Somebody please help us, we r not crazy

          • Austin says:

            His happened to me yesterday and now it won’t work today I really want to know how it happened . Please help I’m going to go crazy and I called my phone carrier and the weren’t of any help.

          • Rawand Haidar says:

            Hi Austin, what happened to your phone?

          • Bob says:

            It is a Clean Master feature. Go to play store and download Clean Master…. Looks like a broom. It allows the corner swipe you are looking for.

        • Karen says:

          Hi you didn’t imagine it lol I had it then suddenly it dissappered driving me crazy to find out why

    • Dea says:

      I am trying to turn that function back on in my galaxy light. It’s like a quick access to apps and recently used etc. It looks like pages of a book turned up like dog-eared. I need help getting it back myself.

  33. Ben says:

    On my s5 when I was making a phone call I can see the last time I spoke to that specific person, or i could access text messages during phone conversation nowith I can’t please help

  34. Clayton says:

    That app does the trick, thanks very much, but it was a feature originally on the S6 edge without customisation, how very strange. Cheers

  35. Trish says:

    How can I change the number of rings before voice mail picks up on the Galaxy S6. I miss most calls because it only rings 3 times.

  36. sarah says:

    Hey my torch won’t stay in for long only stays in for like 1 minute

  37. Excellent site. Lots of useful information here.
    I am sending it to several buddies ans also sharing in delicious.
    And of course, thank you for your effort!

  38. maho says:

    How to change the wibgets in slidedown menu. ?
    And how can i show my name on lock screen ?

  39. Steven says:

    Hi my s6 edge says I have 50 tabs open and to close some down but I don’t have a tab menu at the bottom just bookmarks home and the forward and back buttons and there is no ‘more’ or settings to change this? Any ideas thanks

    • David says:

      Hi Steven did u get help with the 50 tab thing bcos I’m having same problem

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Hi, does that problem occur with the “internet” app of the phone or with “Chrome”?

      • David says:

        Yeah on the normal Internet side of things rawand

        • Rawand Haidar says:

          navigate to Settings > Application Manager > All > Internet > CLEAR DATA
          if that does not solve your issue I suggest using Chrome browser and disabling this one.

  40. Harleah says:

    I’m not sure if you can help me or not honestly, but here goes.
    Whenever you open something and it gives you multiple options of how to use that,(for example, someone texts you a link and it asks if you want to open that with Google Chrome or your Web Browser) and it gives you the option to do it just once or always, if you accidentally click always, how do you fix it? I accidentally did this for a setting that I didn’t want to always open with a specific location and now I can’t figure out how to fix it.
    If you can help, please do.
    Thank you.

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Hi Harleah, that’s pretty easy, Navigate to Settings > Default Applications, and there you’ll see list of apps that will open certain things and that are set as the “Default”app for that task, to get rid of your problem, tap on “CLEAR” button in front of the app that you want to remove from the default one. Let me know how it goes with you.

  41. Lydia says:

    Hi, i have the s6 (not edge though) my phone wont send videos. I changed size and pixels and nothing… have any idea what i can do? thank you in advance.. 🙂

  42. Machiux says:

    Hi! When I’m listening to a voice message on what’s app, and I get a new notification from a new message from another contact( for example) it plays the notification sound and doesn’t allow me to listen to the voice message.. How can I change it?

  43. teresa says:

    I have forgotten my pattern code for private mode and I can reactivate it. how can I?? please help
    also how do I get rid of TouchWiz. What does this do.

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Hye Teresa, do the following steps:
      1. try to input the pattern “which is a WRONG one since you fogot it” for 7 times.
      2. after that, it shows a writing informing you to wait 30 seconds to retry.
      3. while that appears look at the top right corner and you’ll see a little keyboard that’s where you can add your BACKUP PIN.
      4. The backup pin the pin that you added after adding your PATTERN so that to use it in case you forget your pattern which is exactly what
      happened to you.
      5. you should know the BACKUP PIN, enter it and you’re GOOD TO GO and can enable Private Mode again. Let me know if it works out for you!

  44. Tripat says:

    S6 edge. I cannot find a way to change my navigation button settings, i want my left navigation button to show options but it shows recent apps list. Please help.

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      That’s really simple, all you have to do is to “tap and HOLD” on the left button and it will works as a MENU button just like it was on Galaxy S4 and other previous phones from Samsung.

  45. Jesse says:

    Hey my buddy has the new note and with his smart stay there is an eye icon that pops up in notification bar. Why won’t my s6 do that? Does it not have that icon bc I know I have the feature. It’s making me think it’s not working bc I dnt see the darn icon lol.

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      ‌Hey Jesse, no, it WORKS on the S6 and no need to worry about it, easiest way to tell is that if screen turns off while you’re looking at it that means it’s not working, otherwise it WORKS perfectly. test it out.

  46. Agnes says:

    On the samsung 6 edge. Can u be on the phone and use he Internet to search or be on facebook? My other Samsung s4 I could?

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      yes it’s called multitasking. open internet and facebook, then tap on the left button (Recent apps button), in front of facebook tab there is a two-rectangular icon, tap on it, the app will be opened and take half of the screen, tap on the recent apps button again, this time choose “internet” app to surf the web.

  47. Frances says:

    When i open my camera ( 6 edge) it does not display anything apart from Auto and Panorama. I can reverse to selfie mode or wide selfie but that is all. It doesn’t have anything that it should have. Is this a factory default ?
    Also, i wanted to know how to action the timer on a selfie? I don’t have that option either.

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Navigate to Settings > Application Manager > ALL > Camera
      tap on “Camera” button there and choose CLEAR DATA, then choose OK.
      after that reboot your device and it should show all available modes.
      this should also solve the selfie timer problem

  48. Natalia says:

    Hello Rawand 🙂
    THANKS SO MUCH for your efforts/article it made such a difference to me using my new S6 (I finally,for the first time in my life, lost my S4 🙁 argh) Also passed your article onto my friends and they LOVED it 🙂
    Could I please ask couple of questions…
    I am a huge picture taker/shower…it appears in Gallery I can’t rotate the photos automatically without pressing “rotate” on the screen every time? S4 was able to do it by sensing the phone turn side to side?
    Also, if I was in Google images and wanted to take a screenshot of the picture I used to be able to tap on it and all the phone info on the top of the screen (battery/time etc.) would disappear so I would only have the picture itself…it doesn’t seem to work with S6? 🙁 Sorry,trivial questions but make so much difference in every day life 😉
    Your help is very much appreciated! 😀

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Hey Natalia, thanks for the kind words and for sharing the article. that’s really odd, Auto Rotation is the very basic thing in any Android device, make sure to Enable it inside Notification bar and make sure that it’s highlighted in GREEN color which means that it’s enabled. I really have no idea if after doing this step it still doesn’t work!. for the status bar, it’s basically the same as on S4, for both Gallery and Photos app, when you tap once on the picture to HIDE the editing options, it will automatically HIDE the status bar. hope that solves your issue.

  49. rizwan says:

    Few days back Have purchased samsung S6 Edge Plus. Just wanted to know why does the red light from heart rate monitor switches on when I open front camera

  50. Patty says:

    For some reason my finger swipe for texting and spell check stopped working. How do I fix this?

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Fix it inside Keyboard Settings inside Settings > Language & Keyboard, look for “Continuous input”.

  51. Suzanne says:

    My edge 6 + is not recognizing my contacts. For example I will wake up the S voice and say “text mom” and the response I get is “mom is not in your contact list” (when of course she is).
    Any tips?

  52. angie says:

    great guide to getting started with an s6 edge+. i did have an s4. it had a feature that allowed you to wave your hand over the top of the phone and you could see if you had message, missed calls, the time, etc. i think it was called “quick glance” or something. does the s6 edge+ have this feature? i used it so much and miss it!!


    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Hi Angie, you’re right I really loved that feature and yes it was named “Quick Glance” at which you wave your hand over the proximity sensor and it shows missed calls, messages and clock, for the S6 edge plus there is a way you can show clock which is called “Night Clock”, but I don’t think there is a way to show it like it was on the S4.

  53. connor says:

    Is there any way I can keep an app ony active apps permanently?

  54. swasti says:

    Hi. I have a Samsung S6. When I got the fone a few months ago, it used to unlock by simply swiping across the screen. I was going through my fone and discovered that I could lock my fone by allowing a password. My fone now unlocks by me entering a password. I find this feature irritating as I hav to keep entering my password all the time. How do I disable password and unlock my fone by swiping across the screen again?

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Hi, simple, navigate to Settings > Lock Screen > Screen Security > Input your CURRENT password that you use to unlock your phone, then choose “SWIPE” option. and now you can swipe to unlock without the need to input password.

  55. robin black says:

    i need help .i bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 at a flea market,got home and it has a Samsung Account on it. Is there a way to get my phone usable or did i throw my money away?

  56. PorterGillis says:

    The only issue I am having trouble with finding is the unlocking effect, nowhere in my lock screen and security options does it give me the unlock effect option.

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      try to search for it in the notification bar using “S Finder” or navigate to Settings and use the “Settings Search” tool. type in “Unlock” or “unlock effect”.

  57. Justin says:

    Everything I unlock my phone it will show the weather, like clouds will roll across, rays of light, rain drops, stars at night. Is there a way to turn that off? I’ve looked everywhere in my settings turned all the weather stuff off and it’s still doing.

  58. Zeeshan says:

    I lost Screen unlock effect after updating my phone. What is the reason behind this and why Samsung stopped this screen motion effect?

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      I don’t think that Samsung has removed that feature. search for “Unlock effect” inside Settings’ search. I am sure it’s still there.

  59. suchika says:

    Hi. My s6 edge plus doesnt seem to capture clear pictures while object is in motion.The pics appear blurry..I switched on Tracking AF option also..but no change..could you plz help..

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Hi, Yes Ofcourse,
      1. Open Camera app.
      2. Tap on MODE button.
      3. Then tap on “Download” button.
      4. This will take you to Galaxy Apps store
      5. there are few shots that you can download.
      6. the one you need is called “SPORTS SHOT” this will will capture great photos when the object is moving.
      7. Download it and it should then be added to your MODE list inside camera app.

      Let me know how it goes, remember that your phone takes BEST PHOTOS in the Mobile Industry!

  60. lori says:

    Is there a way to lock the icon apps on the home screen (s)? Mine often will disappear. Everything I’ve read states that this shoildnt happen but it happens all the time. I have the Galaxy 6. Thx!

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      to put an icon on the home screen(s), you basically need to tap and hold on the app icon and drag it to the home screen and it SHOULDN’T disappear unless you or (Someone) do it intentionally, that’s a pretty basic thing to do and I really really wonder why it disappears from your phone’s home screen!

  61. Jennifer says:

    How can I text a picture to someone and include a text with the picture. Now it seems like I have to send the pic first and then follow it up with a message. Can I also send more pictures than one? When I clicked multiple pics it still sent them one by one. P.s great article.

  62. Lilaine says:

    There is no photo studio on the gallery and nothing on the galaxy app programme either.

  63. Lilaine says:

    There is no photo studio on the gallery and neither is it on the galaxy app programme.

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      that’s a really basic feature and IS Definitely there. make sure to do the same steps mentioned in this article.

      • Sandee says:

        I have the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and there is no photo studio in the gallery options to edit photos with. I have searched everywhere, have found nothing and no answers as to where it is. Just some people say they have it and some don’t. It is not in the Samsung Market to be downloaded. I also do not have the “animate” feature in the edit section and I have downloaded the animated gif mode, but it won’t share in messages or on social media as gif, just as a still photo. Can you provide any solutions to any of these problems? Think I am really starting to miss my S5! Thanks!

        • Rawand Haidar says:

          That’s right, it’s hidden, you can use it by opening any photos you wanna edit, simply open the picture in gallery and then tap on “Edit” button, that will open list of options including one called “Photo Editor”, it’s there you just have to tap on the picture once to see the “Edit” option and then find the “photo studio” option, let me know if that helps!

  64. David says:

    I have 2 wrong times displayed on my s6 edge how can I fix this

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      it should be the dual clock, navigate to Settings > Lock Screen > Show information > Dual Clock and change it or disable it to so that it only shows your default and the current clock.

  65. Richardtz says:

    smart manager doesnt seem to exsist anymore… opinion..

  66. Richardtz says:

    can you help me?? all of a sudden on galaxy six when im texting and want to see word s to correct.. the drop down is hidden by my keyboard.. weird.. happened after last update.. appreciate any help!!

  67. Anonyomous says:

    How can i make it so that the answer button is on the right hands sode instead of the left??

  68. Kristen says:

    I love my S6 edge. In the recent weeks, my notification panel no longer displays the icon indicating I’ve received a new text message. Once I open to the home page, the number of new messages is listed below on the message icon, but not in the notification panel. I have kids and a quick glance at the panel is far more helpful than going into the home screen; a practice I simply can’t get used to. Incoming messages make no audio or vibration. I don’t even know they are there. How do I fix this?

  69. Ebere says:

    Hello, thanks for this article and all the information provided. i got the S6 Edge few weeks ago and i can’t do some things with it. pls how can i continously play my videos without having to always go back to play eacch one after the other. secondly i don’t see any option for setting up a display/profile pictures on my bbm and whatsapp. pls help.

  70. Lisa says:

    I upgraded from the S3 to the S6 and I love the phone. The only thing I find annoying is, when you wake up the phone it defaults to the phones dialing screen. I wish it would open up to my home screen like my old S3 would do. I see someone else was annoyed by the same thing. Is there any way to change it?

  71. eddie says:

    a lot of general features such as 1 touch screenshot button i could not get on my s6 edge , fingerprint always not recognised , no trimming function for setting ringtones . Are they made redundant ?

  72. mel says:

    on my Tmobile s6 edge +, how do I turn off amber alerts or all alerts?

  73. michelle says:

    Please help, I’m about to go nuts. I bought a used s6 edge. On the edge screen I had the 5 people screen plus I had another screen available of quick settings. I broke the screen. I loved the phone so much that I purchased another. I just got it in the mail today. My edge screen only has the 5 people screen. I don’t have the option to swith to the other. It’s minor but driving me crazy knowing it’s not there. I also went thru all my settings ealier and remember checking a box that would erase all my cache immediately. Should I have done that ? I don’t want to mess anything up. Thanks so much for all your information !!

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Hi Michelle, sorry to hear that, as far as I know there are only 2 screens on the edge screen which are “People Edge” and “Apps Edge”, the Apps Edge is in the second screen and it was added in the latest 5.1.1 update to the Galaxy S6 Edge. But I don’t know what do you mean by “Quick Settings” perhaps you may mean the gear button to customize the 5 contacts? if that’s it, then you can do the same inside Settings > Edge Screen > People Edge. Let me know about the result!

  74. Zlatko says:

    Hello eveyone! Hope someone will have a solution different than factory reset! So, my kid was trying to unlock my S6 edge (with his fingerprint or something, I don’t know what exactly happened) and after that there is a message:”Unable to recognise your fingerprint. Enter your backup password to unlock the device”! Unfortunatelly, the backup password doesn’t work (probably I’m not entering the right one). I cannot unlock via google because wifi and mobile data are turned off.
    Can anyone tell me, if there is a way to restore (somehow) my backup password to my e-mail, OR to turn on wifi or mobile data OR restore the fingerprint unlock (because I don’t have the opportunuty for fingerprint unlocking now)?

  75. Louise says:

    Hi, just got a new edge and trying to save photos from email. I’ve seen online that you are supposed to press and hold and that a menu comes up but when I press and hold the photo nothing happens. help!

  76. kim says:

    Hi, i realised my S6 edge front camera (for selfie) only capture & save the picture in a “mirror” form (picture is flipped).

    I googled and realise my option does not contain “save picture as flipped”

    Appreciate your help

  77. Kim says:

    Hi, can anyone please tell me what settings to go in to set your screen to keep displaying while talking on the phone. I use a head set hence the phone is on the desk but it switches to a full black screen. Thanks

  78. raman says:

    Cannot download STORY ALBUM on this s6 edge plus and or transfer the picture albums I have made over 2 years with note 3 – badly stuck and even Samsung service not able to help

  79. RPep says:

    How do I set my front camera to auto flip the image on the s6 edge plus?

  80. Kay says:

    Thank you so so very much!!

  81. Kay says:

    Haidarji on my S6 in Camera under modes I do not see a night setting… does it auto adjust or do I need to download something? Thank you Kay

  82. Nicole says:

    Hi, how do I move forward in an app, like eBay, for example. I know how to move back to a page, but how do you move forward to another page. I would appreciate any help, thanks!

  83. Mel says:

    This question is related to the s view window. Ok so you know how you close your case and the s view window lights up with the phone symbol on the right and camera symbol on the left. So i accidentally did something to the phone symbol n it disappeared. So all i see is the camera symbol. How do i reappear the phone symbol? I tried just about everything. PLEASE HELP. I HAVE A SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 EDGE +

  84. krista says:

    Im sorry if this does not belong here. But i recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo and it seems like there are bunch of things missing from the “lock screen and security” settings, my friend has so many things to put on the lock screen but I dont. I want to put the step counter on the lock screen but I cant since that feature is missing from the “lock screen an security” settings. I have searched everywhere and i cant find what to do, its driving me crazy, could you help me?

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Hi Krista, this feature is enabled once you set up your S HEALTH app, I think that option to show step counts is right inside the S HEALTH app. give the app a try and let me know about the result!

  85. Amy says:

    Rawand, is there a way I can print out all of these tips without having to go into each one, one at a time? I would really like to keep them handy for when I have more time to read them and try these tips out. Thanks for any help with this.

  86. Sandra says:

    Hi Rawand, Can you help please? I am trying to connect my S6 Edge+ to LG smart TV .. it’s not working.
    it was working fine on my S5 Dual 🙁

  87. Brian says:

    How do i turn off the hover over feature it screws up my games when I’m playing?

  88. Dani says:

    Hey guys just bought the Samsung 6 edge.. I’m going a bit nuts here I want to take the calling icon OFF of the lock screen.. is it possible???

  89. Askia says:

    Is there any way to reply to text messages from the lock screen? Thanks in advance!!

  90. henning carstensen says:

    a transparrent symbol of a remotecontrol has appeared on my s6, … I can move it arround but when i click it, the phone goes slightly darker/grayer and all symbols are onclickable now.. incl. restartoption… how do i remove it?

  91. habbizzelle says:

    My S6 Egde + doesn’t have the Unlock Screen Effect for some reason. Can that be fixed?

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      make sure you don’t have “PIN,Password,Fingerprint” set as your lock screen method, otherwise the lock screen effect won’t work!

  92. Majid says:

    How to open projector in s6 edge

  93. Brieman says:

    my edge is protiction on 360 .. and my phone is off how to remove or to fix my phone

  94. Matt Bishop says:

    Gday mate! I use the calculator app on my s6 daily at work, is there a way to create a shortcut for the app like the one on the lockscreen for the camera? Cheers Matt.

  95. Matt Bishop says:

    Gday mate is there a way to create a shortcut or anyway of getting into the calculator on my s6 from the lock screen? Cheers Matt.

  96. Sarah says:

    Ok so before entering my 4digit PIN code I have to swipe across every time…how do I get rid of this feature ? X

  97. Hadiqa says:

    Hey! Kindly help me .. my private mode was set on finger print setting. I have used it several times by using the finger print method but i dont know how did it change to pattern and its not even accepting the pin code. Im so stuck help!