[Guide] What Is Nandroid Backup And How It Works?

Nandroid backup is the process of backing up every single thing inside your Android phone/tablet including

  • Messages
  • Call Settings
  • Apps + App Data
  • IMEI

Why is it important to have a Nandroid Backup?

1. When you brick your phone/tablet.

2. When you lose personal data.

3. When you lose your phone’s IMEI (especially Samsung phones).


How It Works?

To be able to have a Nandroid backup, you need the following:

1. A rooted phone.

2. Custom recovery (CWM,TWRP,Philz).



– There are Two methods to do the nandroid backup

1. From recovery mode.

2. Using specific apps.

Method 1 – From Recovery Mode:


1. Root your phone.

2. Flash a custom recovery (CWM,TWRP,PHILZ).

3. Boot into recovery mode.

4. Go to ‘Backup and Restore’ or ‘Backup’.

5. Choose either ‘Backup to SD Card’ or ‘Backup to External SD Card’.

6. Wait until the process is done.

7. When done reboot your phone.

8. Your backup file should be in your external storage or internal storage under CWM or TWRP folder.


Example Of Making Nandroid Backup On Galaxy Note 4:


1. We first root the phone (Galaxy Note 4 – SM-N910H).

2. Then we flash a custom recovery (TWRP).

3. Then we power off the phone.

4. Hold down (power button + volume up button + home button) at the same time, wait for the Galaxy Note 4 logo to appear and let go of (power button) but still keep holding down the other buttons.

5. You should now be in ‘Recovery Mode’, this can be CWM or TWRP.

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  1. jayvl says:

    I don’t think you need to root your phone prior to flashing a recovery like TWRP. Perhaps you meant “unlock bootloader if neccessary”?

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