How to Run Android Apps on Your PC! [Method-1]

There are several different methods of running Android apps on your PC, probably one of the easiest method is using Google’s ACR Welder (App Runtime for Chrome) Chrome app.

Below is step by step guide on how you can do it:


1. Download ACR Welder app (Link).

Run Android Apps On Your PC

2. After installation, you can run the app from either the “Apps” section of Chrome browser:

Run Android Apps On Your PC  2

Or you can launch it from “Chrome App Launcher” at the bottom left corner of your taskbar:

Run Android Apps On Your PC 3

3. Open the app and follow instructions.

Run Android Apps On Your PC 4

4. The below screen will show up asking you to choose an APK file. We’ll choose the apps that we want to run  In this example, we’ll run Instagram.

Run Android Apps On Your PC 6

Run Android Apps On Your PC 7

5. The below screen will show up giving some information about the app.  You can change the app orientation and its form factor.

Run Android Apps On Your PC 8

6. Then click on “Launch App” button.

7. As we can see in the screenshots below, the apps works perfectly! and that’s about it.

Run Android Apps On Your PC 9



1. This method works on Chromebooks and Mac also or any computer running Chrome browser.

2. You can run ONLY ONE app at a time, launching another app will remove the previous app as shown below.

Here I will try to run Twitter app.  When I click on “Launch App” button, it will ask me to remove the previous app that I ran (which is Instagram in this case), then I can launch Twitter after removing the Instagram app.

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