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How to Root Resurrection Remix/LineageOS ROM w/ Magisk! 1

How to Root Resurrection Remix/LineageOS ROM w/ Magisk!

For those of you who need to root your Android smartphone or tablet running Resurrection Remix/LineageOS ROM with Magisk root method, you may be ending up in a bootloop due to incompatibility with official Magisk versions.  For that, you can try using this modified version of Magisk.  This will work also on most AOSP ROMs(What is AOSP?) you may have trouble rooting with official Magisk.

How to Root OnePlus 6 w/ TWRP & Magisk! [New Method]

While OnePlus 6 root method works fine as it is, TWRP officially released their official version of TWRP, which makes rooting the OnePlus 6 slightly easier as now TWRP recovery can be easily booted using the command, “fastboot boot TWRP”.  Now, you can also install TWRP recovery permanently with the TWRP installer ZIP file but I do not recommend it as it has a bug where the user may end up in a bootloop.

How to Fix ODIN stuck on sboot.bin.lz4!

How to Fix ODIN stuck on sboot.bin.lz4!

For those of you having trouble flashing stock firmwares on latest Oreo firmwares with Samsung Galaxy smartphones(most likely with newer Galaxy S8, S8 plus, Note 8, S9, and S9 Plus) and getting stuck at “sboot.bin.lz4”, this is most likely caused by using ODIN version older than v3.13.1.  Samsung is using new lz4 compression on firmwares which means older ODIN are not able to decompress the files before flashing to your phone.

How to Install TWRP Permanently After Installing a Custom ROM on Pixel or Pixel XL!

For those of you who have installed a new custom ROM and wanted to change to another ROM, you will probably have noticed that most custom ROMs now included CyanogenMod recovery, which overwrites your existing TWRP recovery (that you probably installed while rooting).  Well, to install TWRP permanently after installing a custom ROM, you simply need to flash TWRP recovery ZIP after installing the ROM.  That way, you can install new ROMs in the future without having to re-install TWRP recovery using your computer.