Pokemon Go Hack – How to Not Get Banned While Using GPS Spoofing!


For those of you who have tried using Pokemon Go Hack to spoof your GPS, you may have been able to use the hack to play Pokemon Go without leaving your house but you weren’t able to actually get Pokemons.  That is because Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go app have set algorithms to detect whether users are cheating or not.

First, you will want to make sure you don’t transport your GPS location all over the world.  For example, if you live in New York, going to different locations in New York won’t set off banning algorithms.  If you live in India, you may want to make it realistic by not using the app for a few days then log in from New York location.  If you have transported to more than 2 different countries within span of 5 minutes, it’s definitely gonna get you soft banned.

Now, Niantic isn’t permanently banning people but they are soft banning people for 10 minutes to 6 hours randomly so you can wait your soft ban period and play the game again.  Just use your common sense and move the GPS location as if you were doing it like in real life.

Second, every time you play Pokemon Go, your smartphone is sending out IP address of your WiFi/4G LTE connection to Pokemon servers.  If your IP address is from India but your GPS location is set to New York, obviously Niantic will know that you are using a cheat and ban you.  An easy way to solve this is to use VPN, which will allow you to set your IP to the GPS location you are using it from.  For example, I use my VPN app to connect to New York server, which turns my IP address into New York so Niantic’s algorithm will not know I am cheating.

For VPN, you can use any VPN app on the Play Store, check out some of the free VPN apps on Play Store here.  Now, a lot of these free VPN apps might not give you a choice to choose different cities or they may default to a certain city.  Make sure you use WhatIsMyIP.com to find out which city your VPN is using if it doesn’t give you a choice and set your GPS location to that city.  If you want a good paid VPN, check out ibVPN, which I use all the time when traveling outside the U.S.

Overall, this guide is for those of you who want to try Pokemon Go perhaps because it’s not supported in your country, maybe impossible to walk around where you live(too hot/cold), or you are not able to walk (disabled/bad knees) but if you live in a city that Pokemon Go is supported, you should not cheat and play the game normally.

*Note – This will work on both Android and iOS, you just need to get VPN app for whatever platform you are on.

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  1. webster says:

    hi max i have a prob with this hack i cannot pick up any pokemon i trow the ball at it and then it just comes out and disappears

    • Roberto says:

      Dont worry itsa soft problem you must stay around the poke stops and wait i have that problem too, but fixed itself, jut give it time, when you use and see the items of the pokestops the problem fixed

      • Kathy L. says:

        I actually found a working cheat for Pokemon Go from this website: pkegocheats.com – Hope this helps. It’s working great for me! 🙂

  2. ronie says:

    zup max,.. just wanna ask, everytime im using pokemon go controls my phone is heating too much like 41 c. hot,,
    is there anyway to fix this..? pls reply thanks

  3. Jacob says:

    Help me won’t work

  4. diablo says:

    Hey tell me the steps of changing my GPS location to new York and changing vpn… I dnt hv much knowledge abt all these so plz help

  5. silver says:

    why the hell have you morons put STUPID SURVEYS ON THESE THINGS what are you guys retarded jesus you do realise that not every one can get past the STUPID SURVEYS EVEN IF THEY PUT IN REAL INFO this is bull just like your site

  6. Chue says:

    Hi Max Lee!! So I’m currently stuck on checking “allow mock location” in my setting samsung s3 developer section. And it wont let me check it. Im trying to use the pokemon control or joy stick. But for some reason it just unchecks itself from the “allow mock location” .

  7. Chue says:

    I also do recommend you to make your videos on YOUTUBE to be step by step on how to transfer gps to new york. I dont think the video had a good follow up direction. For example like how to download? Or how to get this website? Or how to do that transfer thingy. It really left me clueless.

  8. Marsetyo says:

    What fake gps location app that suit for ios without jailbroken?

  9. Ayush Tyagi says:

    Awesome tips…really helpful i was able to travel to the bay area and got to level 20!!

  10. adir says:

    and if i chaged it to 3G intead 4G they can still know im cheat?

  11. Robenson mahusay says:

    Mr. Max lee, i have a problem which is about the gps failed to dettect. I’ve already install the latest fly gps and the character is moving but there is no gps signal. My device is ACER LIQUID X2 and i think the problem is the MOCK LOCATION in my device… Pls help me master lee… Thanks in advance!!!

  12. vikas says:

    I have lost my android camera settins

  1. September 2, 2016

    […] If you don’t want to root your Android device, there is a method you can use to still get GPS spoofing.  This Fake GPS app allows you to do that without root.  Now, this method isn’t fail-proof as it uses Mock Locations and it will get you soft-banned easily.  This is because Niantic has patched their latest Pokemon Go app to detect Mock Locations. […]

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