[GUIDE] How to Backup & Restore Android Apps + Data (Root Required)

Previously I explained how to backup and restore android apps.  But in this tutorial, I will be explaining the method of backing up apps and app data.


This method requires root access.

Backup (Easiest Method)


1. Open Play Store and search for “Titanium Backup” and install it.

Android App Backup and Restore Titanium Backup

2. Open the app.

3. The app will ask for root permission and you should grant it.

Android App Backup and Restore Titanium Backup 2

5. This is the main screen of the app.

Android App Backup and Restore Titanium Backup 3

6. Tap on the check sign at the top right corner of the screen.

Android App Backup and Restore Titanium Backup 3

7. The following screen will open up, giving us several backup and restore options.

Android App Backup and Restore Titanium Backup 4

> No.1 will backup all installed (user) apps (with data).

> No.2  will backup all system apps (with data).

> No.3 will backup both installed apps and system apps + their data.

8. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll only backup installed apps.

9. The following screen will open up which shows number of installed apps that we have.

Android App Backup and Restore Titanium Backup 5

10. We can either select all apps, or select only specific apps that we want to backup.

11. When we’re done selecting apps, we tap on the check sign button at the top right corner to start the backup process.

Android App Backup and Restore Titanium Backup 6

12. The backup process will start.   Based on the amount of the apps that you want to backup, the process will take some time.

Android App Backup and Restore Titanium Backup 7

Backup using Update.zip (Advanced)

> We can also create “Update.zip” file of the backed up apps so that we can flash it via Recovery (CWM or TWRP) any time we want (MENU > Special Features > Create ”update.zip”.  But this feature is only available on PRO version of the app, we highly recommended by the way, most flasholics have this in their app drawer.

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    Parece muy buena idea para salvar el progreso de ciertos juegos, etc.

    Pero, ¿y para salvar la lista de contactos, sms, etc?

    En concreto, ¿cómo se salvan los contactos de forma que al restaurar no se dupliquen, ni machaquen (sin pedir confirmación) los ya existentes?

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    root install now

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    This proved very helpful. I upgraded from a 5.1.1 rom to 6.0.1 rom and it wouldn’t detect the backups so I used the select backup folder option and it worked.
    Thank you soo much for your help.

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      thank you so much for your words, I am really glad that it helped you! be sure to check out other tuts available on our site!

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