[Guide] How to Backup & Restore Android Apps (No Root Required)

Backing up android apps is one of the essential tasks that we might need to do from time to time.  This tutorial covers the easiest way to backup and restore your apps.


This Method works WITHOUT ROOT!  By using this method you can only backup the app WITHOUT its data.   To  backup app with its data, you should have a rooted phone/tablet.



1. Open the Play Store on your phone/tablet and search for “App Backup & Restore”.

Android App Backup And Restore 1

2. Install the app.

3. The below screen will show up informing us about the following:

If the phone does not have any external SD card slot, then this means that the backup data will be kept inside the internal storage.   Which means that we might lose them during factory reset so to avoid that we should copy the backup data either to PC or to cloud services (Google Drive, Drop Box,etc…).

Android App Backup And Restore 2

4. This is the main screen of the app.

Android App Backup And Restore 3

We can backup a single app, or all installed apps.

5. When selecting the apps, we have two choices of backing up:

a. Backup + sending it to Cloud or via Wifi.

Android App Backup And Restore 4

b. Backup only (you can still manually copy it to your computer or Cloud).

Android App Backup And Restore 5

6. In this tutorial, we will first choose send, by tapping on SEND Button at the top right corner of the screen.

Android App Backup And Restore 4

7. Then we can either send the backup via WiFi, or via other apps, we’ll choose “Send by other apps”.

Android App Backup And Restore 6

8. The following screen will show up, and we choose to send the backup files to Google Drive.

Android App Backup And Restore 7

9. The following screen will show up.  Here we can change the folder name or create a new folder for the apps.  Tap on SAVE button to start uploading.

Android App Backup And Restore 12

10. The process will start and the backed up apps will be uploaded to your Google Drive.

Android App Backup And Restore 8

11. We can also have the backup files on our phone, for this we only tap on “Backup” button.

Android App Backup And Restore 5

12. The backup process will start.

Android App Backup And Restore 9

Android App Backup And Restore 11

13. When the process is finished, you can see the apps in “Archived” tab.

Android App Backup And Restore 13

You’ll see an “Archived” mark below with every app names implying that the app is already backed up.

Android App Backup And Restore 14

14. The default location is in the root of internal storage.

Android App Backup And Restore 15

15. Inside that folder, we have all APKs of our backed up apps. You can copy the entire folder or specific apps to either Cloud or your PC for restoring process.

Android App Backup And Restore 16




In the Settings part of the app, you can change settings like:


a. Override Old Version

This will override the older version of the app by the latest version of the same app.

b. Backup Path

The default backup path is the internal storage of the phone, but you can change to any other paths you want.

Android App Backup And Restore 19

c. Show System Apps

This will show system apps list, giving you the ability to back them up.

d. Clear Cache & Refresh

This will clear cache of the installed and archived apps, which can be useful in some cases.

e. Auto Backup

This is a great feature, it will enable you to either update all newly installed apps, or specific apps automatically.

Android App Backup And Restore 18

Android App Backup And Restore 19


As explained in Step 3, if you’re trying to format your phone/tablet, or you’re trying to install a new rom or selling your phone, you should keep the apps in a safe location, either on your computer or cloud so that you can copy them back and re-install them any time you wanted.



Depending on where you put the backed up apps, you can do either of the following:

1. Copy apps to your phone/tablet and install all apps one after another (don’t forget to enable Unknown Sources in Settings > Security > Unknown Sources before re-installing your apps).

2. Install “App backup & Restore” app again and restore from there (you must copy “App_Backup_Restore” folder to the internal storage of your phone – have a look at Step 14).

Android App Backup And Restore 20

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