How to Mirror Your Android Screen To PC! [Vysor]

There are few apps that let you share your Android device screen through PC, but today we have a new one that’s totally different from the others and it’s not even an Android app, instead it’s a Chrome app!

Important Note:

*As of 25-8-2015, this app is only one day old on its PUBLIC beta state, as mentioned by the developer, this app will be a PAID one once it leaves beta state. If you’re reading this tutorial while it’s still in beta state, enjoy it while it’s free!



1. Open Chrome browser on your PC.

2. Click on This link and install “Vysor (Beta)” app.

How To Share Android Screen on PC easiest way

3. Turn on your phone

4. Navigate to Settings > Developer Options and enable “USB Debugging“.

5. Open Vysor via either Chrome app launcher, or from the Chrome browser itself

How To Share Android Screen on PC easiest way 2



6. This is the main screen of Vysor Beta.

How To Share Android Screen on PC easiest way 3


7. Connect your phone to PC via cable.

8.That’s it!  If everything goes right, Vysor will do its magic and share your Android screen on PC.  It’s really really awesome!

How To Share Android Screen on PC easiest way 4 How To Share Android Screen on PC easiest way 5



1. You should know that this app is in beta state at the time of writing this article. Although it works pretty well for an app which is still in beta, nothing’s perfect so you should expect some bugs here and there.

2. You can’t just share your phone’s screen on the PC, but you can also control it from the PC, which means you can click on the app icons, settings, and all other goodies using your PC mouse, pretty awesome!

3. If you connected your phone via cable and your screen didn’t appear on PC, then this means that you either didn’t enable USB Debugging or you don’t have ADB driver installed, which can be installed by clicking on the “ADB Drivers” right from the app’s main screen.

How To Share Android Screen on PC easiest way 6


That’s it guys, do let me know what you think about this app and whether it’s better than other apps that are doing the same purpose or not?



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