How To Remove System Apps From Your Android Phone/Tablet!

Android devices has two kind of apps, system apps and user apps.  System apps are the apps that can’t be uninstalled by default method and they consist of essential apps like Phone, Message, Browser, Camera, Gallery,etc…  While the mentioned system app are necessary, there are also some other system apps that are not useful (to all users), so some of you might like to remove those system apps that seems useless to your use.

This guide shows you the easiest way to remove and delete ANY system apps from your phone/tablet.


Important Note:

– You can uninstall ANY system apps that you want using this guide, but you must be careful of which kind of app you’re removing, as removing some of them like (SystemUI.apk, Framework-res.apk, etc…) will stop your phone from functioning properly and  you need to flash a new Rom to fix the problem.



– Your Phone/Table should be ROOTED to perform the below tutorial.


1. Install Titanium Backup app from Playstore (Link).

Remove System apps from Android Device

2. Open the app and give it root permission.

Remove System apps from Android Device 2

3. The main screen of the app will show up, tap on “Backup/Restore” button.

Remove System apps from Android Device 3

4. Choose the (System) app that you want to uninstall, I will choose Hangouts app since I don’t use Google Plus but it can be any other system apps.

5. When choosing the app that you want to remove, a new screen will pop up that contains of different tabs.

Remove System apps from Android Device 4

6. Swipe Right to go to “backup properties” tab.

Remove System apps from Android Device 5

7. To remove the app, simply tap “UNINSTALL” button, notice the warning message in the following screenshots.

Remove System apps from Android Device 6

– The process of uninstalling will begin, wait until it finishes removing the app and that will be it.

Remove System apps from Android Device 7

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