How To Enable Double Tap To Wake Up on Sony Xperia Z Series!

LG was the first Android manufacturer that added the ability to wake up your device’s screen by double tapping on it, followed by HTC then Sony.  This is a really useful feature and we hope that all other Android manufacturers add it to their device.

In this tutorial I will show you the steps of enabling this feature on Xperia Z series devices.



1. Navigate to Settings > Display.

How to Enable Double Tap To Wake up on Sony Xperia Z series

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

3. Enable “Tap to wake up“.

How to Enable Double Tap To Wake up on Sony Xperia Z series 2

4. That’s it!  You can now double tap on the screen to wake it up when it’s off!

5 Responses

  1. riyaanmohd says:

    I don’t find the “double tap to unlock” option
    I’m using Sony Xperia Z C6603

  2. whiteflower says:

    I dont have that option , I’m using Xperia Z 6603 with the newest Lollipop update. :/

  3. smm183 says:

    There is no tap to awake choice for z1

  4. Othman says:

    I used double tap to sleep earlier.. Yesterday after factory data reset, double tap can only wake phone up but couldn’t make it sleep.. Where can i find this option?

  5. Othman says:

    Oops… I found’s in home settings 🙂

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