How to Root Google Pixel or Pixel XL! [Windows/Mac/Linux/Chromebook]


In this tutorial, we show you how to root your Google Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone.  Rooting will allow you to get full “admin” access so you can install rooted apps such as Viper4Audio, Xposed, Titanium Backup app, and much more.

Rooting involves unlocking the bootloader.  Unlocking the bootloader will wipe EVERYTHING on your phone so please BACKUP everything beforehand!

This root method will work on all Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook.  While the video tutorial is made with Windows, you can substitute the commands for Mac, Linux, or Chromebook below easily.

Drivers are only required for Windows computers so if you have Mac, Linux, or Chromebook, please skip the driver installation step.

This root method will work on Android 7.1 and 7.1.1.   If your Android version is not listed, please do not follow the tutorial.

For Verizon Pixel or Pixel XL models, follow these instructions to unlock your bootloader then go to Step 9.

Download Files Required for Rooting:

Unzip the USB drivers into “usb_driver” folder and into “fastboot” folder in your Downloads directory.

Also unzip the boot image and copy the file “boot-to-root.img” into the “fastboot” folder.

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Max Lee

Max Lee is the founder of Max makes Android tutorials and review videos for people who want to get high on Android over at his YouTube channel and Korean YouTube channel.

5 Responses

  1. Fido says:

    I unlocked and rooted my new Pixel XL today. When I was testing the Google Assistant, a message ‘System UI has stopped’ appeared, I selected ‘Close app’, the message appeared again, then repeat. I could do nothing. I tried to reboot the phone, factory reset, un-unlock, unlock, nothing worked. Now I root the phone, it stays on the ‘let’s go’ page with the message ‘System UI has stopped’.
    Is there any suggestion?
    Best regards,

    • jorge says:

      I have the same error help please!

      • Yatharth Gupta says:

        @niko26, I experienced the same issues at 15% charge i.e. The system UI has stopped message. I put my pixel on charging and it started working. Also, you can wipe the dalvik cache for a temporary fix to avoid future crashes.

  2. Joseph Van Wye Jr says:

    Hey Max, any chance on getting pokemon go to play on this after having rooted?

  3. niko26 says:

    @Fido, I read about issues when the battery drops below a certain threshold (15% IIRC). Can you confirm your battery charge level is higher?