How To Install User Apps as System Apps On Your Android!


There are basically two types of apps in Android devices

1. Pre-Installed apps or systems apps.

2. User apps (apps installed by you).

Generally when you install apps from Play Store, the apps will be installed in a different partition from the system apps.  System apps are in the system partition of your device, while user apps are in data partition of your device. There are several different ways of changing user apps to system apps and vice versa.

This guide shows you how to manually do it without using any apps.



– We shall not be held responsible for anything that might go wrong with your device during this process, so do it on your own risk!  This is a tutorial for advanced users who are already super high on Android!



1. Your device must be rooted.

2. Backup your apps, contacts, SMS, pictures, videos using the following guides:

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1. Download ES File Explorer File Manager app (Link).

2. This is the main screen of the app:

Install user apps as system apps on Android

3. Tap on the top left button and enable “Root Explorer” option.

Install user apps as system apps on Android 2

4. Go back to the app’s main screen and tap on “/” to go to “Device”.

Install user apps as system apps on Android 3

5. Navigate to data\app  where the user apps are located.

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23 Responses

  1. Gordon says:

    this feature can not run on your device. Plzz tell me how to change this..

  2. srinu says:

    Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. monir says:

    What is the version of es file manager?

  4. Gowtham says:

    Will they remain as system apps if we unroot our device??

  5. Tracydroid says:

    This didn’t work on my Samsung TouchWiz running Android 5.1.1?

    I tried to move Link2SD. After moving and changing permissions, I rebooted. Then, the app disappeared from my app tray? But, it’s still located in ../system/app?

  6. Tracydroid says:

    Yes, my phone is rooted and verified with root checker. Can you please reply to this post because I forgot to check the box for email notification the first time. Thanks!I

    I love Android too!

    • Joe Smart says:

      This didn’t work for me either. I’m running Android 5.2. Nobody who asked for help seems to have gotten a response from the writer so I think you need to find a different method. Good luck.

    • shashank says:

      Try to install the .apk file of that application from sd card

  7. Joe Smart says:

    These instructions don’t work on my rooted HTC Desire 816 running Android 5.2. Any attempt to add a file to the system app folder causes the phone to immediately shut down and reboot. I tried these instructions with several different apps and tried both cut/paste and copy/paste to see if it would make a difference–as soon as I paste anything into the system app folder the phone shuts down and reboots. I previously tried several automated apps that change Android apps from user to system and the exact same thing happened. My phone is rooted and ES File Explorer was granted root privileges–doesn’t matter.

    • Clint says:

      this is the exact same thing for me. Root is verified, HTC one m8. as soon as i paste the folder it shutsdown the device.

      did you get it to work at all?

    • Brendon says:

      FYI guys, HTC reset the system apps after every boot. You need to look up how to turn that off. I can’t remember, but with some Google skill, it should be easy to look up.

  8. Great tutorial!
    I’m scared about the reviews I read about ES File Explorer File Manager app. Is there any alternative file explorer you can recommend?

    • Rawand Haidar says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Oh yeah, my favorite is “Root Explorer” it’s awesome one, and also there is another one called “Solid Explorer” both of them worth your try!

  9. Anmol says:

    Will these apps remain even if i factory reset my phone?

  10. Septian P P says:

    It says not enough space, how to solve this problem?

  11. Kenny says:

    how i can reinstall system app,,,,, if its unistalled

  12. sonu says:

    hello admin, how can i replace updated system apps with older ones without any damage to my system.
    plz reply

  13. Kael says:

    it can work on htc desire816?
    how to install user app as system app
    help me

  14. Sarfo Michael says:

    I tried it on uc browser and it worked but when I open it, it says failed to initialize (UC browser not properly installed). What should I do?

  15. Chitransh Sharma says:

    Thank you soooooo much! 🙂

  16. ShadowKni says:

    This works on some apps and not others. Any ideas why?